What Is The Experience of Being Bisexual

Walk back and forth between the two groups, then break your left hand on this side and your right hand on the other side. I just want to be happy, but I just can't find the right person.

1.When you come out of the cabinet, many people think you're kidding... For example, when I came out with my mother before, because she didn't know and didn't bother to think about what bisexuality was, I was happy for years because of her calm reaction. Not until this summer vacation did she know that I had always told her that I like girls as seriously as I liked a man.

2.Every time I'm said, "It's better for bisexuals to have a man's ticket and a woman's ticket at the same time," I feel helpless.Regardless of sexual orientation, is it the least good to be devoted to your spouse?It's just that for bisexuals, liking someone doesn't care if they are gay or heterosexual.

3.Not only will it be discriminated against by homophobic heterosexuals, but also by homosexuals.

4.Every time I see the saying that there is no pure friendship between the opposite sex, I wonder why it makes a bisexual relationship worse.

5.In fact, a lot of time or try to control themselves not to like the same sex, after all, it is very difficult to confirm the orientation of the other party, it is easy to become a one-sided love, or dare not express that kind of thing (if you really like it is also impossible).When people know their orientation, they are often asked if they have ever been in love with homosexuals, and when they answer "no", they are considered to be lying.

6.In theory, bisexuality has more opportunities to be alone than homosexuality and heterosexuality, right? It's not possible to deny the possibility of being together because of gender issues.

7.It's very sad to hear people talk about bad views about bisexuality.

8.At that time, I didn't pay too much attention to my bisexual status. I thought it was the same as heterosexual and asexual.Until one day, when I attended a gathering in the group, I was very happy at the beginning. Suddenly, I talked about bisexuality. One boy said that he didn't like bisexuality very much. What does it mean that they like men and women indefinitely?I was so sad to hear these words that I cried. Suddenly I realized that I was bisexual, different from heterosexual and so on.

9.When you're not good enough, homosexuals say you're a liar, heterosexuals say you're a dead bastard; when you're good enough, homosexuals don't mind having a heterosexual partner before, and heterosexuals don't mind having a homosexual partner before.