What Happened to Me and My First Girlfriend

Now I broke up with her,but I often think of the time with her.

I met her in England when I was a senior. When I graduated from college, there were some personal reasons for her to stay in Britain for a while. I told my family that she would stay in Britain for another month before returning home. But I don't want to spend all my family money to go to the restaurant to work, she has been working.

Late one night, it was already 12 o'clock when I got off work. She got off work more than 11 o'clock and went to pick me up. Late at night in England, it's very cold and dark on the road. We two girls have been holding hands for fear of encountering bad people. At that time, it was really a feeling of dependence. Later, as soon as I came to the door, my feet felt very painful, so I said to walk a little slower, and my feet were very painful. Then she said sadly, hard baby, let me carry you. Then, without saying a word, back me up. Although she's taller than me, she's all girls, and she's really tired from working all day. I lay on her back, and tears were coming down. First, I think our two girls are so hard, and second, I feel that in the world, except for my parents, only she is so kind to me.

Another time, she went to work on the first day, and I went to pick her up after class. At that time, it was freezing. She still had to stand in the place where she worked for a day. I was worried about her health. When she saw her, she looked haggard and happy. She told me that before you came, I bought you a gift. Then I saw that she bought me a thick sweater and a lovely cup of water for a kitten (which I can't afford to throw away now), and a discounted pineapple. It turned out that she spent all her money on a day's work and bought me gifts... I don't think I'll ever find a better girl in my life.

We took the bus home that day and put the pineapple in front of the passenger's place to put heavy things. The pineapple swayed back and forth with the car, rolling from end to end, and seemed to add a lot of fun to the lifeless English night. There are also a few English teenagers on the bus. They stared at the pineapple with our two pens for half a day and then smiled at each other. If time can go back, I hope we will both go on that car forever.

Although I broke up with her, thank God for letting me meet her.