My First Kiss with A Married Woman

She and I have been good friends for many years. On this trip, we kissed each other.

At first, she refused, even the simplest hug. Of course, I didn't want to take her from the beginning, because the faster the tide comes, the faster it recedes, which conforms to the law of conservation of energy.

In the first few days, she refused to go to her bed. At that time, I was like a new student who had transferred to class. I was in a great embarrassment. What she said, I would do. I was afraid that she would be angry and that her image would be destroyed in her heart. But the flame of desire is not stable and peaceful at the moment. It is as quiet as before the storm. It is dead and low. Everything is surging under the calm surface. Everything is surging in the terrible calm.

Finally, on the third night, I took the opportunity to show her something, put on a dead face and told her half jokingly and half earnestly that I was going to sleep in your bed. I felt uncomfortable sleeping in my bed. She did not seem to understand, questioned me: "It is the same bed, what is uncomfortable, you go to your bed." Now of course I don't want to and won't go back. How can the thieves who got on the boat return empty-handed?

I've long thought of a way to reprimand her. That's to play a rascal. I hummed and hawed several times and said, "Oh, you just let me sleep for a while, and then I'll go back to my bed." She didn't seem to say anything anymore. My heart was as happy as a monkey stealing a peach because I knew it was half done. While she was still talking, I uncovered her quilt and sneaked into her bed. Of course, it was still summer, but she changed into her thick pajamas in the bathroom long after taking a bath!

"On hot days, with air conditioning on, pajamas on and quilts on, do you know how children in poor areas feel when they are not electrified?" I occupied the moral heights and asked her with a high-spirited voice!

"Is that right? Stop pretending, I don't know what you big wolf wants to do! "

Well, my lie was punctured by her in an instant, but my purpose was not to make a lie, but to make her feel happy and successful in puncturing my lie, so that she would not be so exclusive and hostile to me.

I lay down with her for a while, and before I knew it, I felt it. After a while, I asked her if I could hold you, just as I did when I was a child, when I slept with my mother. She rejected me and gave me the word "no dream"!

I asked her why. She said there was no reason, the girlfriend was not a boyfriend, husband! I said, "I just want to embrace you politely. A hug. It's no big deal."

"Well, just a hug. If you do anything else, I'll kill you!" I said yes, so that night, for the first time, I hugged her in bed. Of course, I just hugged her.

The next day we were all very tired. On the way back, she said she would roll the sheets with me. I was a little surprised, but in fact very surprised. Although I knew she was just talking to comfort me casually, I saw a lot of hope from it, just like the lost person trapped in a dry well who found someone passing by, but also like the fallen person who wished to catch the most. The last straw saves life. I'm half kidding. If we don't get tired, we can roll the sheets.

After returning, I took a bath and washed out my sweat. The body washed by hot water was like loose rope and fermented dough. It was soft and sleepy. I took a bath, lay in bed, and fell asleep in a few minutes. As for rolling sheets, it can only be a dream thing.

There was no sexual activity, and the regret in my heart was self-evident. Although I didn't say anything in my mouth, my heart was full of complaints, but this complaint was different from other complaints. If there were other complaints, I would surely start in front of her. But I can't complain. I can only release slowly, slowly, too quickly and easily hurt each other.

Still that night, I got into her bed, I held her belly, her belly was not as soft as other girls imagined, her belly was fleshy but very flexible, even touched through clothes was particularly comfortable.

As I lay on her arm, I played with my cell phone and asked her if the relationship was real or false. She was silent for a moment and said, "It's true, but it's not what you imagined. You can only kiss my mouth. You can't do anything else. I just want to kiss, you can't touch, you can't kiss somewhere else."

I heard a moment of surprise. After a brief silence, I nodded and closed my eyes. That meant I promised her, and she understood that it was my promise.

Before I kissed her, my mouth was stiff, as if blood would never flow through my lips. It was a kind of dull and ignorant central nervous system of the human body, the brain, which was absolutely dominant, so weak and incompetent at this moment. I slowly moved my lips up, before touching her lips, I licked my lips with a little intention, so that there would be a certain humidity, so as not to dry and astringent.

When my lips touched her lips, my whole body was electrified, every hair stood up, every pore was like the mouth of a hungry lion, and it was so big! The air conditioning in the hotel can't restrain the desire for fire. The desire for fire is like San Diego without fear of failure. The more frustration, the more courageous it is. I feel the reverse torrent of blood in my body. I feel that every milliliter of blood in my body is boiling.

The most delicious and wonderful thing is her tongue, so soft and strong, like agar and water snake, every deep kiss is like a full meal after starvation. When my lips touch her tongue, every moment of sucking is satisfying. It is a paradise in my life, and it cleans up the universe in my heart!

In fact, relaxation also needs a degree, too hard is not a wise move, because afterwards you will find that your tongue will have a few days of pain, it is her teeth masterpiece! I believe that kissing should be the same, and many things in this world are interlinked with each other.

After a storm and a ravenous kiss, I stopped attacking her so fiercely. I stopped pulling her hair and hugging her to suffocate, because I knew that after prosperity, there would be loneliness. Nothing in the world would never change, nothing would be immortal, and kissing would be the same. I've come to a stormy start, and I need a Romantic ending.

I gently put the tip of my tongue into the root of her tongue. I slowly and forcefully penetrated the tip of my tongue from the corners of her mouth. I wetted her whole lip with the tip of my tongue and made the sound I should have.

At that time, I kept my promise. I didn't touch at all. I was just serious, cherished and excited to kiss her. Although we are the same sex, although she has a husband, we are very happy, we are true love!