I love you, but we've broken up

Do you know when I found I loved you more than I imagined?

When two people quarreled because they got up badly, they bought me breakfast and stuffed it into my hands.

When I was in college, I had a class one day and sent a message saying stomachache. Ten minutes later, I received a text message asking me to go out for hot milk. He bought it back and forth for two kilometers.

He has a folder full of my social media homepage. Every day he will take a look at my developments, even after six years of separation.

Although we can't get together now for various reasons, he said that when he grasps the turning point, he will come back to me in ten, twenty or thirty or fifty years. But now, he hope to help me keep a good pass and find a good family.

There was a time when I was depressed because of emotional problems. He flew to my city to enlighten me. Then he gave himself a week to go to other cities to enlighten himself who was melancholy because he saw me.

All the time I embrace my capriciousness, spoil me and help me bear everything.

When chasing me, he will create all kinds of situations, encounter me in the campus, after breaking up, he will avoid all kinds of occasions to see me.After breaking up, every time he came to London, he would "pass" downstairs.

Once when I was half drunk, I sent him a text message in a confused way, and soon he came over and took me back to his dormitory in front of dozens of friends instead of letting me go back to my bed. After falling asleep, I woke up in the middle of the night and found him lying on his desk under the bed, saying that he was afraid of waking me up.

He kissed me in the crowd at the airport.

When my shoelace loosened, he squatted down to tie it for me.

Holding my face and laughing silly.

When you are talking on the phone from different places but looking up at the stars at the same time.

Dream about me all the time.

When he see me, he unconsciously react physiologically.