How To Evaluate The Psychological Status Of A Boy Who Wants To Become A Girl And Have A Lesbian Love With A Girl

I hope he can have such good luck in the future.

The evaluation is: although outsiders seem normal, but the hearts of the parties are suffering very hard, I hope they will be happy!Why is my evaluation so specific, because I have seen such things.

I used to have a short-lived College classmate. Why is it "short-lived"? Because he transferred after his freshman year.This male classmate has a strange nickname. Let's call him Y.

Y is very popular in class and likes playing computer games. What he knows most about his classmates is that he likes Coco, a girl in the next class very much.

But Coco has never responded to his feelings. Because of her cheerful personality, she has a broad friendship. She usually has a "everyone is a friend" attitude, but she has not explicitly refused Y, so Y still feels that she has a chance.

I remember one interesting thing that Y loved to play BBS, and his signature file on the station told him his love for Coco by name. This incident was discovered by several students unintentionally, a good laugh; after a few weeks, the students also unintentionally found that the client Coco used for BBS is not the common black and white characters, but white background (or transparent? ) Black letters... Because Y especially likes to write scraps on BBS, Coco is in the same department with us, that is to say, most of his love letters are brushed densely in Coco's eyes all day long.

Although Y was remorseful in his mouth after he knew it, even though he didn't think about it at all, his expression was not the same thing at all. Most of the time, he thought that no response was a good response.

Time flies by in a hurry. Shortly before the final exam of freshman year, many students rushed Y to confess in class. The reason was that Y finally summoned up courage to ask Coco out alone (I don't know where to go). They went out together, but they usually went out in groups. At least a dozen men and women were in the way. Y had tried to invite them before, but this was the first success.

The ensuing final exams soon diluted everyone's gossip spirit. After the exams, all the students went home separately.

After school began, I heard that Y had transferred to another school. But it didn't cause too much disturbance. After all, he used to criticize our department and thought that he was more suitable for another department. In this way, he slowly faded away from our memory, at most when he saw Coco, he would think that we had such a classmate.

When I was a senior, I went out with another male classmate B. He had a good friendship with Y in his freshman year. During a break in the journey, I realized that Y was different from other men.

B: “I want to tell you something. Do you remember Y? ”

Me: "Remember, what happened? "

B: "He's actually gay. "

I was particularly shocked by the news that another male classmate in my class was Gay. I know very well that Y is gay, but if Y is gay, is it a smoke bomb with Coco?

"Doesn't he like Coco? "

B nodded gravely.'He likes Coco, yes, but he's gay. "

For tens of seconds, even the idea of "dressing up as a man for a woman" flashed through my mind, and I finally turned around, "You mean, he feels like a girl in his heart, and he likes girls? "

When I was on the plane, B stopped talking several times and seemed to be thinking about how to explain it. After I spoke, he nodded with relief: "That's it. He once told me when we were drinking. "

I spent a little time dealing with the shock, and then I asked B with some difficulty, "Why did it take so long for you to tell me all of a sudden?"

B looked grave and silent for a moment before answering, "It's too heavy. "

I didn't ask how heavy it was. Although I couldn't describe it accurately, I could understand how he felt.

After that, we continued to travel by car. On the way, scenes about Y were replayed in front of my eyes. Finally, we finalized our invitation before the final exam.

Y may really transfer because he wants to re-select his department, but what happened when he went out with Coco?

Was he rejected as a boy? He was rejected for telling the truth? Coco knew his secret and said he would be a good sister? Did Coco say something nasty during his temptation? He was afraid of the possible outcome, and eventually did not open his mouth, using transfer to escape?

Y has only two choices in the end, one is to cheat, play a "normal" man, find a girlfriend, marry a wife and have children, and then hide their secrets from the pillow person for the rest of his life; the other is to choose to confess, and then to gamble on its low probability, hoping that he can frankly spend his life with his lover.

Well, it's really heavy.

I have seen a couple created in PTT, one is a physiological sex man, the other is a psychological sex woman; the other is a physiological sex woman, the psychological sex man (I can not say who is the husband and who is the wife), I hope Y can have such good luck in the future.