What Happened to Me and My First Girlfriend

I don't know if you have this idea. I hope I can go through the rest of my life with you.

I met her on ins. At first, I just chatted with her. Then I saw her on the dating website and sent her Wink. Then we exchanged mobile phone numbers and chatted every day.

At first, she felt very cold to me. She always told me that she will running in the morning the next day, and then she ended the conversation and went to bed.

I said I have no girlfriend to spoil her. She said that if she had a girlfriend, she would spoil her. At that time, I could not help feeling lost, but then I became the woman who was spoiled by her.

She made me handicraft, bought me gifts, cooked for me, made my bed, took me to work and took me for a ride. For the first time, I realized that besides the love and feeling of being loved by my relatives, there was a little indulgence and a lot of sweetness.

She said it was amazing that we had never had a quarrel. In fact, I knew that she had been used to me.

I also said that breaking up, what I put forward was after I got sick. She said she disagreed and would never give up on me.

I know that every soul is lonely, but her presence around me brings me a little light, a little warmth, a little courage, so that I have a little hope for the hopeless tomorrow.

She and I began to plan for the future, a cabin, an open balcony, two dogs and two people. Originally afraid of love and marriage, I often imagine the little days after cohabitation in my mind.

We are all ordinary people, like heterosexual ordinary people, will have sex, kiss and firewood, oil and salt life, very ordinary, very common, because of love, for life.

On the first anniversary of our love, I laughed and said that the days were too slow. It seemed that we had gone through many spring and autumn in such harmony and contentment, and would go on as usual in the future.Then you gave me a deep kiss.

Thank you for meeting you. I am confident that I can keep going with you.