As a Gay, What Do You Need to Understand

Maybe we are just ordinary people all our lives. What do you want to understand as a rainbow crowd when we are not yet able to protect ourselves?

I wonder if you are the same as me, in countless small and ordinary moments of life, feeling that as a gay, the world is not worth it.

For example, when you watch a movie with your boyfriend, when the lights come on, you knowingly release your hand.

For example, when I finally convinced myself that I was going to confess to my friends that I didn't really like girls, I swallowed it back to my mouth.

Maybe we are just ordinary people all our lives. What do you want to understand as a rainbow crowd when we are not yet able to protect ourselves?

Homosexuality is just a label, not all of you.

We have many labels in society at the same time, and homosexuality is just one of them. We have common characteristics in this label, but besides this label, we are all limited editions of flower butterflies in the flower world.

Personal interest, business ability, income and other factors divide us into different people. We can form different circles of friends with all kinds of people. Sexual orientation is not the reason why we have to step into a circle.

Homosexuality is not a vulnerable group

The world is getting better and better, and we often hear friendly voice for sexual minorities, just like the feminist movement and the Black Manifesto. I'd love to see that happen, but we're not a vulnerable group. We just need to be understood, not helped.

The reason why homosexual groups feel vulnerable is that homosexual marriages do not enjoy universal legal rights and interests, but this is just inconvenience at the moment. In addition, we can rely on our own ability to promote in the workplace, in society, we have as interesting and wonderful a life as the majority of people outside the homosexual label.

Compared with ten years ago, our times have become more open and tolerant, which is the result of the joint efforts of the whole rainbow crowd and friends. If we as sexual minorities do not work hard, but rely on the help of others to obtain understanding, that is the beginning of vulnerability.

What we are asking for is a marriage certificate that can guarantee the legality of same-sex marriage, but without a certificate, can you guarantee that two people can grow old hand in hand? Do you have enough money and strength to support your future life? So, before that day comes, there are many things worth fighting for.

If you want to come out of the closet for others, it's better to calm down for half a year and think about it again.

Whether you dare or not, you must have thought about it carefully and seriously one day. I have always maintained an attitude of no support, no objection, no persuasion and no advocacy for coming out of the closet. Being out of the closet is not a one-time behavior, it means a series of changes in interpersonal relationships, and it will also have a huge impact on life and work.

But if you're ready to live more comfortably and freely, it's better to decide on a practical plan to minimize the damage. Come out of the closet not for others, just for yourself.

The harder you work, the more space you have for making friends.

There is a person whose criteria for making friends are size, height and appearance. So he can only find people with similar interests. If he wants to, he will find one or more people who are willing to have relations with him, but their relationship also stops here.

There is another kind of person, the criterion of making friends is knowledge, upbringing and experience. And your own hierarchy determines the level of people you come into contact with. You only have to work harder to get close to the life you want.

The so-called efforts are not necessarily just fitness, earning money, reading, skin care, dressing, but really know what you want, what to abandon, in order to improve efficiency in the future social.

Save a sum of money, it can buy freedom

The life planning of the sexual minority is different from that of the general population. Ordinary people’s marriage and childbirth is a form marriage and surrogate pregnancy in sexual minority. The cost is very high. Coupled with the fact that marriage is not guaranteed, there will be more emotional investment, but you can break it down into different goals:

Short-term goal: Within three years of work, at least 10000 dollar should be saved annually, so as to ensure living expenses and interpersonal communication.

Medium-term goal: In five years, we will strive to learn a skill in the field we are good at. Whenever we start again, we will have the courage to face the unknown crisis.

Long-term goal: In all days to come, saving will be one of the unchanged goals, such as buying a car, buying a house, maintaining the quality of life and so on. Money is omnipotent in this world. If you think you can't buy something, it's just because you don't have enough money.

If there is no love, then save yourself a sum of money, give yourself safety, give yourself freedom.